"Man must rise above the Earth, to the top of the clouds and beyond, for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives."

                                                 - Socrates


"Crises there will continue to be. In meeting them... there is a recurring temptation to feel that some spectacular and costly action could become the miraculous solution to all current difficulties."                   

                                                              - Dwight Eisenhower

"Now is the time... for this nation to take a clearly leading role in space achievement, which in many ways may hold the key to our future on Earth."                    

                                                      - John F. Kennedy

"Apollo in 1969. Shuttle in 1981. Nothing in 2011. Our space program would look awesome to anyone living backwards through time."

                                         - Neill deGrasse Tyson


































                                                                                 Boy Scout Troop 50 of Auburn, AL